The best marketing results are yours to create

Bluematter is an online platform built for in-house teams that want the freedom to create and execute successful marketing strategies without an agency.

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Stuck in one of two camps?
There’s another option.

If you’re like all the companies we’ve studied, your team is in one of two camps—overwhelmed and without a plan, or leaning on an agency that can’t live up to their promises. Sound familiar?

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of leaders want their inside team to lead growth, but 63% don’t believe that they can.

Bluematter is the option you always wanted, and like nothing you’ve ever seen

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Spencer Rule, Employers Resource

We developed powerful and effective marketing

Bluematter is excellent at helping organizations narrow their focus in order to experience greater growth. We sharpened our understanding of who we were in the market and gained tools and processes that helped develop powerful and effective marketing.

Bluematter’s strategy and execution platform puts you in the driver seat

Bluematter was designed for in-house teams that want the flexibility, agility, and predictability that agencies can’t provide.


Strategy Hub

Create a marketing plan that gets results while retaining competitive insights.

  • Create a strategic plan unique to you
  • Certify your in-house team with courses
  • Get one-on-one coaching and training

Execution Hub

Implement your plan with skilled providers without marketing agency drawbacks

  • Work with vetted, trusted partners
  • Access the best tools & technology
  • Manage projects in one central place

Give your in-house team everything they need to win

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Get our Market Leader Fundamentals Training Module for Free

Inside this free training you’ll learn

  • When to hire an agency (and when not to)
  • How to dominate a competitive market
  • The 5 Steps to Predictable Growth
  • ... and more
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Try Bluematter for free $399 Value

  • 6 Detailed Training Units
  • Free Marketing Assessment
  • 2+ Hours of Marketing Training
  • 25+ Page Companion Guide
Lean and effective marketing

Marketing In-House is Within Reach

Built for inside teams who want the speed and flexibility of marketing in-house, the support of skilled experts, and none of the marketing agency drawbacks

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Make your in-house team your best strategists

Our online training will teach your team how to create marketing strategies that leverage your industry knowledge and build deep marketing expertise

Access all the support + tools you’ll ever need

The strategies you create seamlessly become execution plans. Our partners can handle those tasks best left to experts until you’re ready to take them on, if ever

Take on more ownership as you feel ready

Bluematter helps you reduce your dependency on outsourcing by expanding your internal capabilities with tactical training, coaching, and certified job candidates

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You won’t be alone, or first to try

Bluematter is "marketing home base" for future market leaders like you.


Bluematter helped us grow.

Morgan Milbradt,


“If your marketing feels stale or you are not seeing the results you would like, look no further for an innovative approach to get to the outcomes you’re seeking. Bluematter helped my company get started on their journey to better marketing and their direction and guidance have grown me as a marketing professional. I am excited to continue learning and growing through the Bluematter Academy”

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Turn your in-house team into fully supported marketing all-stars.

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Strategy Builder

Create a 3-year marketing plan in just 90 days

Certified Partners

Every tool or resource you’ll ever need in one place

Project Management

One place to easily manage all of your marketing


Tactical training so you can implement your strategy

Seasoned Coaches

Guidance on your marketing plan and related campaigns

And more...

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