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Everything You Need for Marketing to Succeed

Success-driven marketing from planning through execution


Strategy Hub

Create a marketing playbook that gets results while retaining competitive insights

Create a Strategy

Create a strategy without prior marketing expertise

Train your Team

Develop skills to execute and lead your strategy

Get Expert Advice

Get unbiased feedback on your strategy


Execution Hub

Implement your plan with skilled providers without marketing agency drawbacks

Get Marketing Support

Outsourcing that is fair and flexible—and gets results

Find Marketing Tools

The best marketing automation technologies for every job

Hire Trained Marketers

New hires that are certified, vetted and ready to make an impact


Bluematter team has true expertise

John Poletto,
ONE Sotheby's International Realty

“The Bluematter team has true expertise and orchestrated our new site with great insight and leadership based upon our objective. Bluematter has our highest recommendation and we have referred this platform to many professional organizations”

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Spencer Rule, Employers Resource

We developed powerful and effective marketing

Bluematter is excellent at helping organizations narrow their focus in order to experience greater growth. We sharpened our understanding of who we were in the market and gained tools and processes that helped develop powerful and effective marketing.

Frequently asked questions

What sizes and types of companies does the training work for?

Bluematter’s unique approach (hooking you up with the strategic framework and resources you need) works best for b2b companies like software, HR, IT and other service providers. We don’t pretend to be able to help b2c companies. Our training has resulted in an average of 25% YOY growth for b2b companies in the Bluematter program. B2b mid-market (or companies who are approaching mid-market size) are best positioned to get results from Bluematter.

Who at my company should use the 5 training licenses?

Bluematter is designed to bring everyone to the table. That’s how crazy results happen. The 5 licenses are used by your head of growth, head of sales, head of marketing, head of customer care and your CFO.

What is the Strategy Builder?

Unlike the tactical training your team will receive in the ML5 Academy, the Strategy Builder is where your team creates a strategic plan to guide your company’s brand positioning and marketing activities over a period of 12 months. The Strategy Builder literally does what the name implies. It builds a strategy that is designed to be implemented in very clear ways.

What am I going to learn in side Bluematter?

We cover b2b sales and marketing and how to unify your teams for guaranteed success. Check out a course menu here.

What kind of service providers do you have?

We have service providers across these long-term partnerships: growth driven design, hubspot automation, digital advertising. We’ve also got service providers for more short-term projects: branding, video editing, graphic design, copywriting, and app development.

Who are the coaches?

Our coaches are experienced b2b sales and marketing professionals who have been employed by Fortune 1000 companies and/or have run 7-figure digital marketing agencies. They’re giving their years of experience to you so that you can model successful companies without having to hire expensive agencies!

Why do I need to create a strategy in-house?

Most marketers are “winging it” without a plan. Even worse, most marketing and sales teams aren’t aligned. Without a strategy, your company wastes money on the wrong projects at the wrong time, confusion and stress are high, and your company can’t achieve growth goals. You a step-by-step strategic plan that comes from internal clarity around your market and your brand. Bluematter helps you create the vision and make the small and large decisions to achieve it

How are Bluematter service providers different?

Our service providers are vetted, experienced and trained. Everyone in MarketShare has been invited because we intimately know the quality of their work. Each and every partner is not only experienced in their area of expertise, but they’ve also gone through Bluematter’s Sales and Marketing Academy. They know exactly what sort of work you need done, and they will easily integrate with your strategy and get things done.