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Failing to plan?

Marketing teams lose sales when they wing it

Working without a marketing plan or outsourcing strategy to an agency both lead to the ineffective execution of the CEO’s vision

  • Sales teams feel misaligned with and unsupported by their marketing team
  • Agencies experience an insurmountable learning curve of your unique business
  • Technology investments are wasted from lack of use or compatibility


Over 60% of marketers are working without a documented marketing plan, while others outsource marketing strategy to agencies.

achieve Market Dominance

Strategy Hub makes marketing decisions simple

Use our strategy creation platform to create customized playbooks that leverage your industry experience and our marketing expertise.


Strategy Creation

Create a three-year ML5 Growth Plan in just 90 days.

Like a map on a journey, the Bluematter ML5 Framework charts the course to market leadership.

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Industry knowledge is the foundation of your marketing plan

No one knows your industry better than you, so we provide the framework and exercises that help your team plan marketing, no matter their level of experience.

Collaboration leads to skyrocketed results

As your team goes through each of the five steps, you’ll learn to create a marketing playbook that produces long-term results and fulfills the CEO’s vision.

Build on the foundation for every marketing decision

Creating a core marketing strategy is the first step in the Bluematter platform, empowering you to confidently make large and small marketing decisions.

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Tactical Training

Transform your team into revenue generating experts.

Like an apprentice, you’ll gain new skills and level-up the ones you already so that you can implement your three-year ML5 Growth Plan.

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Tactical Training
Pick up new skills just in time, so you’re ready to execute

Like your favorite Nintendo game, completing Strategy Builder modules unlocks access to related training inside of Bluematter Academy, so you only learn what’s relevant when you’re ready.

Maximize your internal resources and drive up job satisfaction

Retain insights, increase loyalty, and reduce costs by taking full advantage of your in-house team as they become seasoned marketers with deep industry expertise.

Stay up-to-date with digital marketing, and own your market

Core marketing strategies are fairly static, but the “stuff” of marketing changes every day, so Bluematter Academy’s training is always up to date so you can be too.

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Expert Advice

Gain an objective perspective to know you’re on track.

If you need an expert opinion when building your ML5 Growth Plan, hire a certified coach whenever you need.

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Expert Advice
Objective guidance free of pressure

No more high ticket strategists or consultation calls that pressure you to buy services you don’t need.

Expert advice whenever you need it

Book on-demand calls by the hour with business, sales, and marketing leaders who are current practitioners.

Get help wherever you need it

From reviewing your strategy exercises to auditing your social media playbook, our experts will help you succeed.

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Take Control of your Marketing

No more winging it.

  • Develop your marketing strategy

    Your industry knowledge + our Strategy Builder

  • Execute in-house wherever desired

    Let your team do what only they’re great at

  • Leverage Skilled Resources in MarketShare

    Let us handle the complex work

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Spencer Rule, Employers Resource

We developed powerful and effective marketing

Bluematter is excellent at helping organizations narrow their focus in order to experience greater growth. We sharpened our understanding of who we were in the market and gained tools and processes that helped develop powerful and effective marketing.

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